SCCU Clubs

Santee Cooper Credit Union is proud to be able to offer different types of club accounts for our members. These accounts are created to help members save for special events in their lives. Whether you are saving a little extra money for the expenses of the holiday season or starting a college fund for a child, we hope you take advantage of these benefits intended to help enhance your quality of life.

Christmas Club

This account is set up to help our members save a little extra money for the holiday season. Just choose the amount to be deducted from your payroll, and sit back and watch your Christmas nest egg grow while gaining dividends. The money you deposit will be returned to you the first week of November with the earnings from the dividends.  * Fee may apply for early withdrawal.

Young Savers Club

Learning how to save and manage money at a young age can be a valuable benefit to children today. That is why the credit union encourages young savers to open a dividend earning account and start early. When a young saver is enrolled, the credit union will deposit the first $5 to help get that child started. Then the credit union will continue to add $5 to the young saver account during the month of the child's birthday up until their 18th birthday. We also can set up payroll deduction to help save for the child's future, or the child can use their savings to help them manage their allowance.