Fraud protection is increasingly important to all of us and to Santee Cooper Credit Union. We continue to read alarming news about fraud and security breaches such as the recent Equifax data breach. That is why I am excited to share information about a new service now being offered by SCCU. This service is called CardValet®. It is a downloadable app, which helps protect your SCCU Debit and Credit Card from theft or fraud through your mobile device.

When you download the CardValet app, you can set custom alerts that tell you when, where, and how much your SCCU cards are used. These real-time alerts help keep you informed on the activity that occur on your card(s). There are also transaction controls that you can set within the app that allow your cards to only work in specific geographic locations and give you the ability to establish spending limits for your cards. One of the key features of CardValet is the capability to turn your card "on" and "off." For example, if you misplace your card, CardValet lets you turn your card "off" and then back "on" when you're ready to use it again. When your card is turned "off," it cannot be used by anyone until you turn it "on."

How can I download the CardValet app? The CardValet app can be found in the App store for Apple devices or Google Play Store for Android devices. Once the app is downloaded, you can customize alert preferences.

One thing that we all appreciate about Santee Cooper Credit Union is it is small enough to provide personal service, but large enough to provide new services to members. In the last two years, SCCU has launched the TouchBanking Mobile App, which allows you to check your SCCU account balances 24/7 on your mobile device and the uChoose Rewards® Program for SCCU Visa® Credit Cards, which can be used to earn points for every dollar spent. By the end of 2017, all debit cards will be issued with EMV chips to provide additional fraud protection.

I'm pleased to share this news regarding CardValet as another new service option for SCCU members! If you would like help with CardValet or any of these other services, don't hesitate to call or stop by SCCU for hands-on assistance.

-Susan Jackson
Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

For information on how to download the CardValet App and how to register your Santee Cooper Credit Union debit and credit cards, please check out the Quick Reference Guide for CardValet.